Cuidados veterinarios: ¿Atender aves, vacunos o mascotas?


  • José Luis Wakabayashi Universidad ESAN
  • Armando Borda Universidad ESAN



strategic client management, profitable clients, portfolio classification, product-market diversification, strategic planning


Company dedicated to the import and marketing of veterinary products, owes most of its growth to the exclusive representation of the Tasmil brand, a world leader in animal health products. While the products might be geared at the poultry, cattle, pig, and pet sectors, currently 80% of the company’s sales are concentrated in the poultry market, which is the most organized livestock market in Peru, with the highest growth potential. The company wishes to continue growing, but it has already reached the limit in its traditional product line. Moreover, it faces liquidity restrictions due to the decreased turnover of some product lines aimed at the livestock sector. Finally, there is always the risk of loosing the Tasmil representation, or even worse, that Tasmil is attracted by the poultry market and decides to operate directly in the country.


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Wakabayashi, J. L., & Borda, A. . (2006). Cuidados veterinarios: ¿Atender aves, vacunos o mascotas?. Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, 11(20), 185–198.