• Jorge Guillén Uyen Universidad ESAN, Lima, Peru




We introduce the issue 49th of the Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science with the articles presented in the English version, according to the requirement of the most prestigious databases.

The first paper, “Model for assessing the quality of marketing-management education”, analyses a model that incorporates resource-capability variables linked to learning outcomes for students and the competitive positioning of universities. The article proposes some policies to university marketing teachers in designing high-quality marketingmanagement educational programs and in developing self-diagnostic tools that allow a better performance of the university. The next article, “Dimensions of tax burden: A review on OECD countries”, aims to examine how the changes in some macroeconomic indicators affect the tax burden. The authors used a panel data analysis method, based on 34 OECD member states. The results go along the literature of Public Finance related to the burden of the tax and Government attendance. The article “Investigation of optimal inflation targets for 15 major oil-exporting sub-Saharan African countries: A panel threshold estimation” investigates the optimal inflation targets in a panel of 15 major oil-exporting sub-Saharan African countries using annual data over the period 1996-2017. The authors found a threshold-effect level of 14.47%

Doi: https://doi.org/10.1108/JEFAS-06-2020-139


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